there’s nothing left for me on this earth.

hallowhills asked:

My god you're flawless. How many tattoos do you have?

aw thank you sweetie xxx
I have my sleeve, plus seven other tattoos.


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If she only wants you, don’t worry about who wants her

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williams5273 asked:

Purple, white and black

I’ve already answered white and black xoxox you can find that on my blog.

so ten facts about my room -
/ king size bed
/ biggest room in the house apart from the living room
/ white sheets and blankets always
/ mirrors everywhere
/ converse everywhere
/ only me and sara have been in there in the last like 8 months.
/ if it’s not clean I have a panic attack
/ I have like a million pillows
/ I pretty much live in my room 24/7
/ it’s probably my favourite getaway


Sad/Bands/B&W blog

definitely have this.