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five days if emptiness.



around my throat preferably x
azazellust asked:

ah shit so the openers "show tits/ass/feet" or insta sexting isnt the best way to get a good conversation with you going? what about...what are your top 5 favorite animals?

no not at all, I think that’s just wrong.
The only person I want to talk dirty to is the man I have feelings for.. not some random that’s just popped up.
honestly imagine if a complete stranger walked up to you in the street and started touching you and talking really dirty. I don’t think you would be okay with that. hahah

and if you asked that I’d think you where odd but I would still answer 😂

azazellust asked:

ah sorry for not specifying that i wasnt the anon, though i really hope that he(or she maybe!) works up the nerve to say hello, but as far as your response, i wasnt saying your good looks dictate who you talk to, im saying some people find talking to people they find beautiful/admire intimidating and dont want to look/sound stupid to someone they like, hence the hesitation by some and to stay on anon. in any case, hello tara that talks to anyone nice and only bites sometimes, hopeyourdayisgrand!

of course not, I just know a lot of people that can be very snobby because of their looks and I don’t believe because of my looks that I’m higher than anyone else. I understand that they may be shy or whatever also, and yeah I hope they do because I kind of feel bad that they don’t have the confidence to talk to me, because I am happy to talk to anyone.
(if they’re not being some creepy perv)
aw you have a loverly day too ☺️




Oh my god exactly


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